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Current Tenders
  1. LBN/B7-4100/IB/97/0687/MSWA/20/09: Awareness Campaign related to Minicipal & Health care Waste Management for various municipalities in Lebanon.
  2. LBN/B7- 4100/IB/97/0687/MSWA/12/08 : Construction of Two Solid Waste Treatment  Facilities in MICHMICH & HBALINE Lebanon / ENPI. For further Information : Click here
  3. LBN/B7- 4100/IB/97/0687/MSWA/15/08 : Construction of Two Solid Waste Treatment Facilities in Two Lots - EL-MINIEH (Lot I) & BAALBECK (Lot II) - Lebanon . For further Information : Click here 




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