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Project Management Structure

A specific structure created at the OMSAR, the Operations Management Office (Bureau de Gestion des Opérations- BGO), is in charge of all operations related to the implementation of the projects. The BGO, headed by a director assigned by the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, comprises a technical expert (an engineer specialized in solid waste management), a financial expert, and a monitoring/coordination expert.

The financial activities are managed at present by OMSAR senior financial officer.  

The procurement activities (services, supplies, and works) are managed by the OMSAR Procurement Team. The team will perform the procurement activities in accordance with the EC procurement procedures to recruit and contract the necessary resources required for the implementation of the selected projects.

After the implementation of the project under the conditions defined in the AI, the OMSAR will transfer the property of the equipment and infrastructures to the applicant. The applicant will then undertake the necessary preliminary administrative steps required for the said transfer.

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