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Projects evaluation and selection

The Expression of Interests submitted by the municipalities after the launching of the national awareness campaign were evaluated, under the observation of the delegation of the European Commission, by an Evaluation Committee formed of representatives of the OMSAR, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and the Council for Development and Reconstruction.

The selection of projects took place under maximal conditions of transparency and fairness. The Evaluation Committee verified the completeness of the applications and their conformance to Administrative, Technical and Financial requirements. The findings and recommendations of the Evaluation Committee were compiled in an evaluation report and submitted for the approval of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform and the Delegation of the European Commission.

The accepted “Ready to be implemented” projects will be subject to an immediate funding decision for their implementation after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Environment on the requisite Environmental Impact Assessment reports if applicable. The funding will cover all eligible elements of the costs as approved by the evaluation committee.

Once a decision for the funding of the project has been taken under the aforementioned conditions, and the administrative authorizations required have been granted, the OMSAR will sign an Agreement for Implementation (AI) with the municipality, unions or the groupings of municipalities whose expression of interest (Appel a Manifestation d’Intérêt- AMI) application has been approved. The AI formalizes the approval of the final content of the project, defines the mutual commitments of the concerned parties, and identifies the modalities of handing over the equipment and infrastructures to the applicant.

The accepted “Conceptual” projects will be at a first stage subject to a decision for funding the preparation of the EIA studies required for their finalization as mentioned above. At a second stage, upon submission of a complete file including the studies, the projects will be subject to a decision of immediate funding of their execution provided they meet the technical and financial selection criteria for this category of projects. The funding will cover all eligible elements of the costs as approved for financing by the evaluation committee.

The municipalities will have to undertake all necessary steps to get the necessary administrative authorizations required for the implementation of their projects.

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