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Background Information

The Lebanese government has adopted in September 2001 a strategy to reform the public administration. This strategy is supported by the European Commission (EC) through a grant to the Lebanese Government to finance the program of technical assistance entitled “Assistance to the Rehabilitation of the Lebanese Administration (ARLA)”. ARLA’s mandate is to intervene with central Agencies, Ministries and Municipalities. The implementation of the program, valued at M€ 38.0 was planned to extend over 6 years and to be closed by December 2005. The projects funded within the framework of ARLA were prepared and followed up by the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR).

The signing of an amendment to the convention of ARLA program funding, on 18 November 2003, opened a new possibility for an extension beyond December 2005. The objective of the amendment is to fund investment projects related to the solid waste management submitted by municipalities. These projects will lead to an operational improvement of the local public services as well as the services provided to the people. For this purpose, the amendment foresaw the mobilization of a budget grant of M€ 10.2. This budget was increased in November 2005 by M€ 4.0, making the total budget grant available of M€ 14.2.

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