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  On 13 July 2010, HE Mohammad Fneish, in the presence of the head of the EC Delegation, Mr., Patrick Laurent, representatives of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities  and the Ministry of Environment, and heads  of Unions and Municipalities, launched the awareness campaign for Waste Sorting at Source “Think before you throw” at the UNESCO Palace- Beirut.
In addition to keynote speeches, a presentation about the components of this campaign was conducted by SES followed by a song and the movie “A waste story” that was produced for the purpose of the campaign.
The campaign will be carried out in 3 projects implemented by OMSAR
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  1.  The website for the awarness campaign on waste sorting at source is now online. For more information:
  2. The tender for the supply of equipment for the projects of Union of Al Fayhaa, Union of El Minieh and Qabrikha is launched. Click here.
  3. Press Release for awarness campaign:
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    2. Click here to access second document.